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Choosing the best smelling cologne for men is no different than choosing what are you going to wear, honestly (actually, it`s more important than choosing what you are going to wear)! I talk to a lot of my friends, and most of them tell me that putting on cologne is something they do automatically, without really thinking about it.

But this is the wrong approach. You should think of your cologne as your calling card, something people (women) will remember you by and as something that will “separate you from the pack.” Did you know that the smell will determine how “sexually attractive” you are to the opposite sex? I already talked about the importance of smelling good in one of our previous articles, and if you are interested in reading it, you can do so here – Best Smelling Body Washes For Men.

Then there are those men who only use colognes they like. Don`t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about that, but you don`t want a cologne that “you will like,” you want one that drives women mad! You want to get noticed; you want to turn heads and start conversations when you walk by!

You don`t think that`s possible? Remember this – if you pick the best smelling cologne for men, everything is possible!

How To Apply Cologne For Men?

Perhaps you never considered this, but to maximize its effectiveness, you need to use cologne in all the right places 😉

Where To Apply It?

The best places you can and should apply cologne are:

  • Chest – chest is one of the best places to use your cologne since it will scent your shirt and it will also captivate the person you end up hugging (a woman hopefully 🙂 )
  • Neck – neck is a bit tricky. Most people apply cologne on their neck, but they often go overboard. You should be careful, especially if you are going on a date and you know(hope) you are going to kiss. If the scent is overpowering, your date might not like it and associate these negative feeling with kissing you. Then you are in trouble!
  • Armpit – armpit is a big no no! You should steer clear of the areas where you sweat excessively since cologne is not meant to mask your body odor and to combine the two might spell disaster.
  • Ears – a lesser known trick is to apply cologne behind your ears. This area produces a lot of body heat, so the fragrance will be intense through the day.

The Technique – How To Apply Cologne?

Well, not so much technique, but rather a few general rules:

  • Always apply cologne after taking a shower
  • Spray it from a few inches away, not too close to the skin
  • Avoid rubbing it in; this makes the scent go away faster
  • Never mix different colognes
  • Choose cologne based on the occasion – everyday use, work, date

 The Best Smelling Cologne For Men – Reviews

Now we come to the fun part, choosing the best smelling cologne for men that will not only smell good but turn heads and attract the ladies!

1. Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne


Bet you never thought you would spend 100+ dollars on cologne, did you? Well, neither did I until I came across Tom Ford`s Black Orchid. Out of all the colognes, I`ve tried over the years, this was is best by far! This is also the most expensive one I will be reviewing today, so I know that it is not for everyone and if you are looking for something cheaper I totally understand.

I`m sure you are all familiar with Tom Ford brand; the company prides itself with elegant, luxury and somewhat provocative fragrances for men and women of style.

And Black Orchid will give you just that – a touch of luxury and a strong, sturdy, long lasting smell women will adore. The fragrance itself is masculine, woody with a floral background.

Simply put, this is the best smelling mens cologne, at least for me. Best of all, it`s currently at a huge discount.

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2. Versace Pour Homme


Versace Pour Homme is a very close second… not because it is in any way worse than Tom Ford, it is just different. Some will say it is on the opposite side of the spectrum.Black Orchid is strong, masculine, maybe even a bit overpowering, while Versace is slightly more subtle and fresh.

Fragrance ingredients are Mediterranean in origin, dynamic and aim to paint a picture of a modern man – confident, passionate and knowledgeable, living in complete harmony with his environment.

At the core of the Versace Pour Homme, scent is a floral aroma, combined with cedar and agarwood, with a base note of musk.

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3.Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme Cologne for Men


Another well known, respected and one of the most influential brands in the world. YSL`s style revolves around fashion and includes accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances.

This is another strong, bold, masculine scent with powerful ingredients, yet mild enough which makes it perfect for everyday use. It is spicy and sweet, but it is different than most spicy fragrances as lavender makes it fresh.

Most people who use it say the smell will last even up to 8 hours and that the compliments just keep on coming!

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4. Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier


This scent is a bit “out there,” it`s different, intriguing and you basically either love it or hate it.

Fleur Du Male is distinctly floral, but it is not in any way feminine. Its main fragrance notes are orange blossom, petitgrain leaf (petitgrain is an essential oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the orange tree), coumarin and fern accord.

By looking at these ingredients, the first thing that comes to mind is that sweet citrus scent that is currently dominating male fragrance market, but this cologne is far from it… And you need a lot of confidence (balls, in a lack of a better word) to pull this thing off.

It`s probably unlike any cologne you`ve ever tried, so if you are looking for something different and want to stand out, you should try Fleur Du Male.

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5. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne


Some will argue that this is the best cologne for men on the market today. I can`t prove or disprove that, but I can tell you this – women will love it! It is seductive and virtually irresistible.

From the very first time you lay your eyes on it, you`ll see that Paco Rabanne means business – the cologne itself comes in a luxurious package, and its content is reserved for the privileged buyers, and I love it.

As for the fragrance, base notes evoke leather, white wood, amber and patchouli essence, grapefruit, along with mint and blood mandarin introduces freshness, while rose, cinnamon, and other spicy notes give it that masculine edge.

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6. Bvlgari Pour Homme


This is one of the “oldest” male colognes we will be talking about today. It was first introduced in 1996. and we`ve loved it ever since.

I believe that one of the main reason for its longevity lies in its discretion. Bvlgari offers a refreshing, delicate fragrance for those of us who are well rounded and profoundly stylish. It is meant for people who are happy and completely satisfied with themselves and are not looking a cologne making any “bold statements.”

I`m sure that some of you might not like it since it does not offer that “signature” scent, but if you are looking for something subtle and sophisticated, Bvlgari Pour Homme is the right choice for you.

Base notes are dry wood, musk, and amber.

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7. Blue Seduction By Antonio Banderas


What comes to your mind when you hear the name, Antonio Banderas? I don`t know about you, but I`m always picturing him surrounded by a dozen of gorgeous women.

Guess what, spray a little on your chest and neck and women will not want to let you go! Antonio Banderas himself says that Blue Seduction offers “a modern, masculine and stylish fragrance which carries a part of me and my culture.”

Give it a go and let us know your impressions and the impressions of the women around you!

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