Best Smelling Body Washes For Men – Top 5 Picks For 2017

Did you know that the way you smell can actually determine how attractive you look to the opposite sex? It sounds crazy, but there is factual research data which shows that looks are secondary to “the way a guy smells” when it comes to sexual attractiveness.


And I have to say that this is the main reason why I decided to write this article in the first place – I wanted to, not only recommend the best smelling body washes for men, you will enjoy yourself but also try to pinpoint the exact fragrance that will make you more attractive to women! (P.S. I am doing this research for my own purposes as well 🙂 )

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Can Smell Really Affect The Way We Look?

Of course, the smell itself will not change your appearance, but the scientist at Oxford University conducted a research which showed that female perception might change if a pleasant smell is introduced.

In this particular study, women were asked to rate the attractiveness of men by looking at their headshots. While they were looking at these images, they were exposed to pleasant and unpleasant smells. Researchers found that, when being exposed to unpleasant smells, women generally found these men less attractive; and when they were exposed to pleasant scents while looking at these headshots, they found men to be more attractive!

You will also be surprised to learn that a specific scent affects a lot more than just looks and attractiveness. Scent and aroma play a huge role even in our everyday life:

  • Shops, casinos and hotels pump specific odor into their ventilation system in order to improve the experience of their customers
  • Restaurant adjusts recipes to make sure their aroma suits their visitors
  • Coffee shops, bakeries and other establishments use your sense of smell to lure you in and make you spend more money than you intended to (if you are interested in learning more, you can read this article from the Wall Street Journal)

Why am I telling you this? I just wanted to impress upon you the importance that the “right smell” has in our daily life.

If you are really looking for a way to stand out, become distinguishable and, ultimately, more attractive to the ladies, choosing a body wash with the right fragrance can be of essential importance!

What Is The Importance Of A Good Body Wash For Your Skin?

Even if you are not interested in “playing around” with the way you smell to please the ladies, there are numerous benefits body wash will bring into your (daily) skincare regime.

It Will Make You Feel Good

Ever wondered why women spend so much time in the bathroom? It is because they like to pamper themselves, take good care of their body and their skin.

And, let`s face it, you probably tried one of their skin products yourself and loved the way your skin felt afterward (even though you refuse to admit it).

Well now you can have this same exact feel but use a body wash that is designed especially for male skin.

It Will Help With The Dry Skin

Determining your skin type is one of the most important things you should do, before going out on a hunt for the best smelling body wash for men!

If you have a dry, problematic skin or suffer from eczema, you should obviously go for a body wash which is meant for this type of skin.

Ideally, chose a moisturizing wash, packed with vitamin E or aloe vera.

I see a lot of men using soap instead of a body wash and this is fine, but you should know that common bar soap will dry your skin even further; so if you have a dry skin to begin with, washing it with a bar soap is not the best idea.

Oily Skin

bodyIf you read some of my other posts, you noticed I struggled (and am still struggling to a certain extent) with oily skin. I even had acne breakouts on my back (and on my face)…

Luckily, these days are long gone, but I am still making sure I use only personal hygiene products designed for my oily skin.

You may think that using a common soap is a good way to get rid of all these oils but you need to realize that oily skin is …well, naturally more oily 🙂

So, washing with a soap may feel great, you will get rid of the dirt and all that “excess” oil, but in reality you are stripping way too much oil from your skin, and your skin will start to overcompensate.

At the end of the day, your skin will produce even more oil. This is why I recommend using products designed for oily skin since they will give you a proper cleansing while keeping your oil production in check.

Sensitive Skin

What I said above certainly applies to sensitive skin as well. Using a product that is not suited for sensitive skin may cause irritation.

Unfortunately, people with sensitive skin should avoid body washes which contain certain fragrances, artificial dyes or any other substance which could affect your skin.

Best Smelling Body Wash For Men – Our Top Picks

Rather than just giving you a list of products, we decided to organize them into several groups:

  • Musk Scent
  • Floriental
  • Gentle Fruity Smell


Musk represents a whole range of fragrances in the industry and it has become indispensable!

In reality, musk is a substance secreted by the male musk deer which acts as a powerful pheromone, attracting mates. Scientists believe that musk resembles the smell of testosterone and this is why it is such a powerful aphrodisiac and even acts as a pheromone in humans.

Also, it is important to note that deer musk is not “the latest trend,” it has been used ever since the ancient times for fragrances as well as hundreds of medical recipes. (Source:

In fact, deer musk use was so widespread that in 1979. musk deer was declared an endangered species. Nowadays, musk scent is produced artificially from plants.

Bvlgary Body Wash – Set Of 3!


I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Bvlgary company, but not many of you expected them to be mentioned in an article about body washes for men. Even though the company is most known for its luxury goods, watches and jewelry, and fragrances, they also manufacture personal hygiene products.

Surprisingly, they are one of only a handful of companies manufacturing good musk-scented body washes.

This particular bodywash package includes 3 2.5 oz bottles for a total of 7.5 oz (220ml)! Its scent is a combination of rosewood, pepper, green tea, and musk.

So, why do people love it so much? – It is specially formulated for male skin, giving it a thorough cleansing, moisturizing it and leaving behind a lovely sensual musk scent.

Some people have a problem with 3 smaller bottles (would prefer one larger bottle), but these small bottles are perfectly sized for travel. This is definitely a body wash you should try!

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Old Spice High Endurance Men`s Body Wash


Old Spice is the “ultimate manly man” body wash and no list would be complete without it!

Now, if you`ve been using Old Spice products before, you know that they are not for everyone. Some consumers complained that the scent, though manly, was a bit overpowering. Luckily, the company moved forward and launched a new line of scented body washes and me, personally, have been using them ever since!

I love the long lasting scent it provides and love this package deal Amazon made possible. I can get 3 bottles at a bargain price, saving money and, at the same time, saving time since I don`t have to hunt it down in my local stores.

You can find out more about this deal if you click the link below:

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Floriental Scents

Floriental group of fragrances is sensual and passionate (no wonder ladies love it on men). It is “floral” in origin, but manufacturers made a transition to heavier fragrances from the Orient; hence the name Floriental. (Source:

So, this is essentially a mix between sensual and passionate, on one hand, and lust and seduction (Orient) on the other.

Its a very powerful combination and it takes quite a bit of effort and precision to make it just right. This is one of the reasons why these body washes are a bit on the expensive side.

Thymes Body Wash


This bodywash is not as well known as some of the other ones we’ve reviewed so far, but you know that we are not a slave to brands and we always like to dig up some gems you might not find in your local store.

The main reason we decided to include it in our “top 5” list is its unique combination of ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Italian lemon
  • Lime and
  • Petitgrain

This combo will not only wake you up in the morning but also boost your vitality and energy and get you in the right mood to take on the challenges your day brings!

The formula also includes jojoba oil (to soothe the skin), honey (for skin hydration), aloe vera (for battling various skin conditions) and vitamin E (boost skin health and self-healing properties).

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Gentle Fruity Smell For Sensitive Skin

I wanted to leave this final recommendation for people with sensitive skin, who still want to smell good! Hence:

Every Man Jack Citrus


I`m not sure if you`ve heard of this brand before, some people are familiar with it and some are not, but they are one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to natural ingredients, lack of artificial dyes and other ingredients which could irritate people with sensitive skin.

This body wash will give you a fresh citrus scent, not too overpowering, moisture your skin and give you a deep cleanse since it contains micro-beads (which will help you scrub the dead skin off).

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Beauty Facial Extreme Acne Breakout Body And Face Wash


I wanted to also recommend a body wash which helped me tremendously with my back acne breakouts. There is literally nothing worse when you take off your shirt and “expose” your back acne.. it made me feel so bad and had a devastating effect on my confidence.

Luckily, I came across this product and was blown away by its effectiveness. I keep one bottle in my bathroom and use it whenever I notice some acne breakout on the skin on my back and neck.

So what is so special about this body wash for men? Well, it contains 5% micronized benzyl peroxide, clinically proven to help fight “acne-inducing” bacteria on our skin. It prevents both whiteheads and those nasty blackheads, bumps, removes the dirt and excess oil, but also does not overly dry the skin.

Not only that, the wash comes with an incredible 30-day full money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results after 30 days, you can just return it.

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