Best Exfoliator For Men – Top Facial Scrubs For 2017


I don`t see a lot of guys talking about exfoliating their skin but this is the second most crucial step in a solid skincare routine. First one is a face wash, second is skin exfoliation and the third and final one is applying a good moisturizer.

Washing your skin will help get rid of impurities and help you keep it clean on a day-to-day basis; skin exfoliation will rid you of dead skin cells and other impurities and moisturizer will fill up your pores, nourish your skin and prevent debris build up.

We already talked about choosing a good face wash HERE, so today we are here to talk about the best exfoliators for men, why you should use them and when. So, let`s get started!

When You Should Use Exoliators And Why?

The very first thing you need to know about facial scrubs and exfoliators is that they are a bit stronger and more abrasive than regular face washes, which is why I only recommend exfoliating your skin two to three times per week (if you have sensitive skin, you might do it once a week).

As for the time of day, there are no strict rules and guidelines – I do it in the evening…

Benefits Of Scrubbing Your Face

Many men don`t even think about exfoliating their skin; heck, up until a few years ago I didn`t even use a face wash, but a regular soap instead! But this was before I got myself involved in this wonderful world of skincare for men.

So why should you exfoliate your face? There are quite a few reason, and we will list a few here:

  • Deep pore cleansing – the best exfoliator for men will clear out the dirt build up in your pores and help unclog them, it will also strip away the layer of dead skin cells and “expose” the healthy skin underneath.
  • Clear breakouts – acne prone skin actually sheds more dead cells, which clogs the pores and cause both whitehead and blackhead acne. Scrubbing your skin will take care of these dead cells and prevent them from clogging your pores.
  • Fight large pores – when pores get clogged they can appear bigger (I suffer from this). Removing the debris from the clogged pores actually make your pores appear smaller.
  • Reduce the appearance of aging signs – as we age, our skin becomes less elastic as it loses collagen, it can also become rough and darker in some places. Exfoliation will help bring back the vibrancy and healthy glow to your skin and also lighten the dark spots.
  • Skin texture improvement – getting rid of dead cells will expose the new, healthy ones, improve the texture of your skin and make it silky smooth.

Using Other Products In Combination With A Skin Exfoliator

One of the reasons some skincare products appear to have little to no effect on your skin are these layers of dead skin cells and clogged pores.

By stripping dead skin cells and unclogging your pores, you will allow other skincare products to be absorbed into your skin better and actually do their job. This is why choosing the best skin exfoliator for men is sometimes considered crucial!

How To Choose A Good Skin Exfoliator For Men?

As you will see, we will recommend the top 5 facial scrubs for your skin, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration when making the final decision.

First, you should make your choice based on your skin type – oily, dry or normal; next, you need to gauge your skin`s reaction – if you have sensitive skin, scrubbing it more than once per week may cause irritation.

How To Scrub Your Skin

Scrubbing your skin is not a complicated process, but if you`ve never done it before here is exactly how you do it (Source:Exfoliating your skin):

  1.  Wash you face (using a good face wash preferably)
  2. Apply exfoliator to your loofah (if you don`t own one, you can buy it HERE). You can also apply the exfoliator on your fingers, but loofah is simply better, from my experience.
  3. Use gentle circular motions, especially on the more sensitive areas of your face (around eyes and mouth)
  4. Once you are done, rinse it off with warm water and follow with the coldest water you can stand
  5. Ideally, you should apply a good moisturizer for men (we will cover this topic in the next couple days, so stay tuned)

And you are done!

Reviews – What Are The Top 5 Mens Exfoliators in 2016

Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub

kyokuThis is my top choice – it is good, effective and cheap!

Kyoku face scrub will:

  • Exfoliate – believe it or not, one of the ingredients of this scrub is volcanic ash which will clear out your pores and rid them of all the excess debris and oil build up. The second ingredient is Japanese adzuki bean powder which will scrub off the dead skin cells as well as ingrown hair.
  • Improve the texture of your skin – rice bran (a byproduct of rice milling) is an ancient Japanese secret for smooth, soft and gentle skin. It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, moisturize the skin and remove the dirt from the pores.
  • pH balance – maintaining a good skin pH balance is crucial for healthy skin (if the skin pH balance is disrupted, the bacteria will thrive). This exfoliator will help the skin restore this balance.

Overall, this is a great facial scrub you will love!

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Bamboo Organic Face Scrub

bamboo-face-scrubYou all know I love trying out different organic products, and I was super glad when I came across bamboo face scrub for men!

This is also great news for those among you who have sensitive skin, prone to irritation. This exfoliator will not dry out your skin, it is gentle yet powerful when it comes to scrubbing dead skin cells and dirt residue.

Some of the ingredients it features are:

  • Dry Bamboo Stem Extract – bamboo extract is widely used in both skin and hair care products and it even helps with psoriasis and eczema.
  • Organic glycerin – it is important to note that there is both organic and synthetically produced glycerin; this products incorporates the first one, derived from plants. Glycerin works in mysterious ways as it will actually draw water from the air and moisturize the outer layer of the skin!
  • Marigold flower extract – marigold has perhaps the longest history of any herb used in skin care and it is great for soothing skin irritation, which is why it is often used in the lip balm industry to help heal chapped lips.

So if you are looking for a good facial exfoliator for sensitive skin, bamboo scrub is a great choice!

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Jack Black Face Scrub

jack-black-scrubJack Black is a well known and a well respected brand in skincare for men.

This scrub is a bit more aggressive as it contains small particles for deep pore exfoliation and dead skin cells removal. This is exactly why this product is ideal for shaving as it will smooth the surface of your skin and allow a closer shave.

Regular use will also prevent ingrown hair and make your skin look younger as it will expose the healthy, younger skin cells underneath.

Jack Black exfoliator is dermatologist testedparaben-free and vegan.

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Microdermabrasion Cream

microdermabrasion-creamI don`t know if you are familiar with microdermabrasion or not, but it`s basically a non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of tiny crystals to peel off the outer layer of the skin (dead cells). Of course, this cream will not spray tiny crystals but it does use them. They are as tiny as sand and won`t irritate your skin, but give you a deep pore cleansing experience you will love!

It is:

  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Comes with a full 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and
  • It`s made in the US

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Body Scrub Soap

exfoliating-soapI don`t know if you`ve noticed, but up until this point we were more focused on facial exfoliators for men (even though you can use them on your entire body).

This soap, however, is specially designed to give your body a deep, intense cleansing and be a bit more aggressive since the skin on the rest of your body is not as gentle as the one on your face.

The soap is also a more economic solution because, let`s face it, if you use an exfoliating cream on your entire body, how long will it last? Up to one month probably, but if you get a soap, there is a good chance you will use is for a minimum of 2-3 months.

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