Best Body Lotion For Men – Our Top 5 Picks For 2017


Body Lotions For Real Men

Did you know that buying a good body lotion for men will affect the way women think and perceive you? Even though there are women who like that rugged, “lumberjack” look, a vast majority of them prefer well-groomed guys who take care of their physical appearance and health of their skin!

Of course, most guys would agree with this when it comes to their face (that`s why they invest hundreds of dollars in various moisturizes and anti-aging creams), but when comes to the rest of their body it seems like they just don`t care!

If you are like that, today is the day to change this nasty habit and  I`m glad you chose me to help you find the best body lotion for men money can buy!

Note that not all lotions are made the same, they will depend on your skin type, skin color, sun protection, ingredients they contain etc. But don`t worry, are going to cover everything you need to know and help you make the right choice!

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Why Should You Buy a Body Lotion For Men?

The number one reason is the fact they are specially formulated for men. Male and female skin is, in fact, different (you can learn more about these differences here:

  • Male skin is more deeply pigmented
  • It`s thicker and has more collagen
  • Male have less subcutaneous fat (fat found directly under the skin)
  • Aging signs are less visible in men
  • Male skin secretes more oil
  • Men sweat more than woman

As you can see, our skin is different compared to the female, which is why it is advised to use products specially formulated for male skin. Of course, using female skin products will not melt your skin away but you should avoid it.

There are, of course, other reasons a good body lotion should be a part of your skincare regime:

  • Protection against the elements – guys tend to spend more time outdoors compared to girls, and their skin is more exposed to the elements such as sun damage or the wind
  • Removing dead skin – dead skin cells can cause rough skin calluses to develop. A good skin care regime will help you get rid of them
  • Feel good and smell good – even though we are guys, we are allowed to pamper ourselves! Applying body lotion can be accompanied by a light massage which will help you relax
  • Repair and protect your skin – when looking to buy the best men`s body lotion, keep an eye on the ingredients, look for Vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter, since they will help your skin regenerate and become healthier

Choosing The Best Men’s Body Lotion

Choosing a lotion is not hard, but there are few things you should keep in mind:

  • Look at the ingredients – we already mentioned this in the previous section of the article, you should look for those helpful ingredients which will be beneficial for your skin. You should also steer clear of those ingredients you know will irritate your skin
  • Trying out different products – you shouldn`t be afraid to experiment and try different body lotions for men from time to time
  • Choose according to your lifestyle – if you spend most of your day working outside, a good idea would be to get a body lotion with sunscreen (to protect you from harmful effects of the sun). On the other hand, if you work in an office, SPF is probably not in your list of priorities
  • Weather – needless to say, if you live in warm, sunny place, you should get a body lotion with high SPF factor

Reviews – Which is The Best Body Lotion For You?

This question is very tricky to answer since there are so many different skin types and personal preferences. So, I decided to split these products into several different categories and give you the top products for each.

Best Body Lotions For Dry and Normal Men Skin

Dry skin is common in both men and woman and it happens more often in cold, windy winter months. The affected skin becomes very delicate, may crack easily and itch; which is why you need to look for products specially formulated for it.

Nivea For Men Maximum Hydration


I wanted to kick things off with a well-known brand and a well-known product! Nivea company has been founded way back in 1882, but it only recently (during the 1980s) exploded into a worldwide brand we know it today.

This lotion was specially formulated for people with dry and normal skin, and you can use it freely on your body as well as the hands and face.

Hallmark feature of this product is the special Hydra-IQ technology it incorporates, which allows the skin to absorb the lotion quickly, without leaving a greasy feeling on your skin.

This technology also allows the skin to stay hydrated longer – 24 hours or more, which is great if you are looking for a cream you don`t want to keep reapplying through the day; just put it on once and you are all set!

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Gold Bond Men`s Everyday Lotion


Gold Bond is not as a well-known brand as Nivea, but they make one of the best body lotions for dry skin!

This is also a “3-in-1” and you can use it on your face, hands, and body. It will leave you with a pleasant, light scent, which is by no means overpowering, you skin will quickly absorb it and the moisturizing effect will last up to 24 hours.

Also, this lotion will not only moisturize your skin but take care of the daily maintenance and help you win the battle against dry skin.

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 Body Lotion For Sensitive Skin

When buying a men’s body lotion for sensitive skin, you need to pay more attention to the ingredients, artificial fragrances, and colors; since they can further irritate your skin. For these reasons, you need to be prepared to pay a little extra… Here is the best one I was able to find:

Nurture My Body – Ginger Hand and Body Lotion


This lotion was specially formulated for those with sensitive skin; it is 100% natural and organic!

All the ingredients that went into this product are certified as organic, packed in a recyclable glass bottle to protect both the lotion it contains and our environment.

This product also has an EWG rating of 0. EWG (Environmental Working Group) is an organization which specializes in toxic chemical research. Their rating shows the toxicity levels of ingredients, and a rating of 0-2 is reserved for ingredients with the lowest hazard.

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Lotions For Oily Skin

If you read some of my previous articles, you already know I too have oily skin, and I am always on a lookout for the best oily skin products.

SEA Premium


Let me tell you, finding a good lotion for oily skin is hard… I mean really hard!

The only one I can recommend you today is SEA natural skin lotion. Great thing about it is that it gets quickly absorbed into the skin without clogging pores or leaving the skin slippery and oily and making your skin soft, silky and moisturized for up to 24 hours.

It contains:

  • Shea butter
  • Emu oil and
  • Aloe vera (among other ingredients)

And it is also paraben and fragrance-free. It leaves a mild scent that does not linger for long.

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Battle Excessive Dryness

Some people`s skin is especially sensitive during the cold, windy winter months; it can get very dry and flaky. This is why you should look for body lotions containing shea butter, which will help relieve itchiness, battle excessive dryness of the skin, rejuvenate it and improve its elasticity.

One of the best products you can try is:

Jack Black Epic Moisture


It combines Shea and Capuacu butter, offering intense hydration without feeling heavy of greasy on your skin. It will also nourish your skin and improve its texture.

This body lotion will work just as well with sensitive skin as with dry skin since its packed full with natural ingredients:

  • Coffee seed oil
  • Organic green tea
  • Ginger root
  • Argan oil and more

It is also alcohol, paraben and colorant free!

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Body Lotion For Men With Sunscreen

Buying a lotion for men with sunscreen is very important if you spend lot of time outdoors or if you live in a hot, sunny place!

But the problem with men body lotions with sunscreen is that … well, they are hard to come by! The best (and the cheapest) thing you can do is buy a regular moisturizing sunscreen. I already wrote about them in one of your previous articles – you can Read The Article Here.


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